Wednesday, October 16, 2013

College--10 yrs from now

Gabriel Kahn, WSJ, Oct 9, 2013, says the college of the future may still have ivy-covered walls and parties, but everything else will be different.

Textbooks may be gone, lecture halls, too. The Sept-June thing--old hat.

Will it be cheaper--alas, probably not.

Professors will run courses from digital platforms--marking each student's progress as the class goes along.

Start and stop dates will become obsolete--you start when you can, work at your own pace. Some smarties may polish off a class in a few weeks.

You may no longer have to go to the prestige schools to get the best profs.

Each class will have a tailored "textbook," not some 10-lb horror that costs over a hundred bucks. The content will be interactive, video, simulations, you name it.

But...sad face...don't expect prices to drop. All these bells and whistles mean more non-academic costs such as career counseling and student activities for many more students.

Ah, progress--gotta love it.

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