Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday travel may be bumpy

Scott McCartney, WSJ, Oct 24, 2013, says prices of airfare for the hols are going up. Act now.

In past years, airlines had last-minute bargains, but now the planes are filling up and such deals have gone a'glimmering.

Heading for warmer climes--like the Caribbean? Bring your wallet! Instead of going to Grandmas, the story said, more people are going to the beach and bringing Grandma along.

Christmas is mid-week, so the travel window is longer--which is good news.

The best professional advice--don't wait, prices probably won't be going down.

I remember one Christmas, stuck in O'Hare with almost no money and a whiny kid, then hitting DC at 4 AM in a blizzard, all our presents fell into an icy lake of water...ah, good times.

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