Friday, October 4, 2013

Job descriptions need work

Lauren Weber, WSJ, Oct 2, 2103, says job ads no longer denote desired bust size, but they are full of jargon and blah-blah.

These should be under 300 words--zippy! Give an impression of the duties and the corporate culture. And of course, you must obey all the laws (no bust sizes, I said!).

A candidate spends about 76 seconds scanning to see if the job is for him or her.

The idea now is to get 10 great candidates who "get" the job and not a slew of people who try for it just to try.

Some other tips for listings:

Don't list 15 skills you want. No one will have them all. Eight tops. Men will apply if they have only 60%, but women may toss it if they don't meet all the requirements.

Don't list educational requirements--these are no predictor of success. My favorite is "English major wanted"--for a writer. You are not necessarily a writer just because you were an English major!

I read dozens of job descriptions a week. You know what I hate? When they ask a ton of skills from you and make no mention of the pay. You can spend a lot of time expanding on your qualifications and find they are cheapos--or worse, non-payers who presume you can use the internet exposure.

But don't get me started.

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