Monday, October 7, 2013

Joking around at work

It's such a cliche--humor is subjective. It's in the eyes of the joker and the butt of the joke.

In a work situation, where people are thrown together involuntarily, it can be a problem. Sue Shellenbarger wrote about this in the WSJ Aug 14, 2013.

Employers say they like people with a sense of humor. People like funny people better and think they are smarter.

But the Dilbert guy Scott Adams says if you have never been "funny" before, the office is not the place to start.

It is really important for the joker to be able to recover if a joke flops. The joke should also read the moods of the people and of the meeting.

No racist, ethnic, or sexist jokes. I don't even love Blonde jokes--even though, shocker, I am not a real blonde.

The best humor brings people together--they may even add to the joke, try to make it better.

Back when I had a "real job," we used to love to imitate our bosses in a fakey "mocky voice."

I also used to say, "I have many bosses, but no superiors."

Come to think of it, that one might have bombed a couple of times.

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