Monday, October 14, 2013

More companies hiring the autistic

Carolyn T. Geer, WSJ, Oct 9, 2013, says with those with autism, the key is not to train for a job, but to match a job to what the applicants can do well.

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth Univ are looking into this. Autism is defined as a set of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by mild to severe impairments in communication and social interaction.

Many autistic young people have been in special programs and have good memories, systematic ways of working, or an eye for detail. The can also be math, music or art "geniuses."

In the Virginia Commonwealth study, a control group of autistic students stayed in their schools, while a second group spent a year in a special work-study program at a hospital.

The second group met each morning and evening in classrooms where they learned job skills such as getting to work and asking for help. The rest of the time, they tried out in various jobs to see what suited them.

At the end, 87% of those in the second group got hospital jobs such as pharmacy assistant or teacher's aide.

It was all based on what each individual could do well. When they are in their comfort zone, one source said, they can do wonderful things.

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Isn't that true for everyone?