Friday, October 25, 2013

Now for something completely different

Ah, Monty Python.

Anyhow, according to my friend Dana K. Cassell, owner of the long-standing Writers-Editors Network, the visionary Buckminster Fuller used to go to magazine stands and select the magazine in the top right-hand corner and read it cover to cover. Supposedly this led to his reading a story on beehives that led to the geodesic dome.

I met Bucky Fuller at Southern Illinois University, where I attended for a year, and loved his bright blue dome--I want one to this day!

Anyhow, Dana also told about a site called will take you to a random site you otherwise would never know about.

Break up your usual pattern!

Brush your teeth with your other hand.

Eat anchovies.

Go wild.

I recommend joining Dana's online job-searching services--if you are a writer. Check it out at

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