Thursday, October 24, 2013

Signing on to a firm on the way down

 Some companies are trying to rebuild staffs--but those who remain are bummed out, cranky, and suspicious.

As a new hire, what is your best course?

First take it slow and keep a level head. Don't get anxious because others are.

Put ideas out there--keep moving forward.

Stay neutral in long-standing smackdowns--these were before your time, stay clear.

Try to help out--you may be regarded with resentment--sure, you get a nice job now, but you should have been here before, are you here to fire me, replace me, show me up?

If everyone has an attitude, make a point to find one lifeline person you can talk to about things.

And try to stay positive--the existing employees are all set in their roles--don't come on too strong, just do your job.

Gradually things should turn.

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