Friday, October 18, 2013

Thought about Kickstarter?

I know this is pretty wacky, but maybe you can develop an idea with crowd funding. Kickstarter, though sort of a crapshoot (you don't get the money if you don't meet your goal, I don't think), is the most famous place.

It came to mind because I recently saw an appeal from a young musician who sustained a terrible head injury, woke up from it, and is now trying to market a book and distribute his music.

Check out:

Notice he did a really professional video--or a friend of his did. I think that was pivotal.

And he had a reasonable goal--and above all, seemed credible.

A professional PR firm was also involved--they contacted me.

Have any of you tried this?

I know Kickstarter does not guarantee the projects, but does reject many. Still, it's donor-beware.

And, I guess, user beware--you can sink time into it and end up with nothing.

Of course, the site takes 5%. And there has been grousing lately about movie stars using it to fund independent films they could pay for out of their own petty cash.

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