Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What evil lurks...

Joel Best is a professor at the University of Delaware--but he is "best" known for debunking the myth that various funny uncles and weird neighbors are out to kill your kids with poison candy on Halloween.

He started his investigations in grad school. He checked records back 25 years in all the big papers.


One kid did die--but his Dad gave him the candy, figuring this legend was so accepted he would skate. He was wrong.

Another little boy ate his uncle's heroin stash. That wasn't Gummi Bears.

Now, Best gets calls every Halloween--what he wants to know now is how can reporters just not get over it? But they don't (you're reading this, aren't you?), so he updates his research every year.

Still, some hospitals X-ray treats, some malls say trick or treat here (and of course, spend money), and some churches have trick or treat in the parking lot--the kids walk from car to car.

Best says an urban legend is harder to kill than a vampire. Really? Vampires exist?

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