Monday, October 28, 2013

Why not get a job that will exist in 10 years?

Freelance writing is sure endangered, gone the way of those benighted buggy whip makers. Actually they still make buggy whips, but you see where I am going.

Try to think about whether you are in a sustainable field. Will people still read? Gotcha!! Maybe not! They won't be able to write cursive, either. So that lets out handwriting analysis.

Andy Kessler wrote a book called Eat People and Other Unapologetic Rules for Gamechanging Entrepreneurs.

He says tellers, phone operators, stock brokers are nearly extinct. I say I have all three.

So what is extinct or about to be? Kessler says forget white collar and blue collar. We must thinking: creators and servers. Many of the latter will be replaced by technology.

But he thinks the word server is too vague (agree). So he has "created" categories. Sloppers--people who move things from one place to another. Those are easy to replace. (Yeah? Tell a computer to long-haul some other computers someplace--they would probably just build them where needed...Oh...)

Spongers in Andyspeak are people who pass a test (license, certification) designed to limit supply of them. Even doctors--computers can scan x-rays to some degree already.

Supersloppers mark up value without adding it--think The Rolex Oyster which keeps worst time than an iPhone. Well, think the iPhone, for that matter.

He has more.

I don't esp love his names, either.

But--the overall message is machines don't increase employment--even when people are needed to build more machines.

I say get into something that can't be sent overseas--esp something like health care. The sick will always be among us. Who will pay for their care, I have no idea.

Also burger making--can't send that to India. Or not yet, anyhow.

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