Monday, October 21, 2013

Work on your res, then find way not to use it

Resumes! Gosh, what an enduring subject. You can never get an answer on these, say our jobs gurus Dale Dauten and JT O'Donnell.

Your resume is a marketing brochure for you. They go through fads--today Objectives are out, Experience Summaries are in.

That could change in six months.

You can get some tips at JT's site--

The idea is to do a clean, error-free res and then spend your time trying to get people to actually read it.

You might want a couple of variations--but after that, redoing it all the time is a way to avoid networking, calling, reading, and thinking.

The best time for a hiring manager to see your res is when you show up for the interview--an interview set up by a person trusted by you and the manager.

Personal story--Last week, I sent an app to a company on Monster. I hardly ever do that. It was hoops, flaming hoops, you name it.

Then I got calls from insurance companies wanting me to be an agent. What about me screams insurance agent?

I need a nap.

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