Thursday, October 3, 2013

WSJ names top startups

The Wall Street Journal did a documentary called "WSJ Startup of the Year." It began with 24 new firms and is now winnowed down to five semi-finalists based on scalability, long-term viability, and utility and probably some other "ilities."

ASIUS TECHNOLOGIES in Boulder, Colo, makes inflatable earbuds and hearing aids to deliver better sound.

LIGHT POINT SECURITY, Baltimore, protects firms from web-based malware by letting workers browse from a virtual machine in the cloud.

REBELLION PHOTONICS, Houston, improves safety on oil rigs with special trouble-spotting cameras.

SWIPESENSE, Evanston, Ill, Cuts hospital infections by giving staff portable, trackable hand-sanitation devices.

THE MUSE, NY, Profiles companies beyond job openings to give job hunters a better shot at finding the right slot.

Once you see an idea, if you understand it, it seems so simple--what a great idea! But, it's not that simple--it can be the hardest thing you ever did.

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