Monday, November 25, 2013

A horse life is a good life

Talk about doing what you love.

The WSJ had a story by Jen Murphy (Nov 19, 2013) about Phyllis LeBlanc, CEO of Harbor Sweets, a chocolate factory.

A lifelong horse rider, her life and workout is not chocolate, though she eats it every day, but riding.

Riding a 1,200 pound animal takes a lot of core strength, she says. I will take her word for it. She works out a lot--including with a trainer one day a week.

 She competes in dressage, a precision sort of "horse ballet." The horse and rider demonstrate 38 movements with increasing levels of difficulty--trying to make it seem effortless.

The horse notes it when she is not focused--and so, she says, do her chocolate employees and vendors.

It can take 12 years to perfect the movements of dressage.

How long it takes to become a chocolatier, it does not say. But the chocolate pays for the expensive tack and makes a well-rounded life.

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