Monday, November 11, 2013

Are you a hard driver?

Remember Meyer-Briggs--a complicated way of zeroing in on personality types? I never quite got it.

But then a read a piece by Mission Facilitator's International's president Dean Newlund. He want back to four personality types I used to use, so naturally I liked it.

First, we have analyticals. They like a slower paced environment, more time to assess, and they don't like making a final decision. If you're their boss, give them time.

Hard driver is the second type. These are your Type As, they like control and dislike listening. To manage them, plan ahead, don't wing it. Give them options and let them control the picking. Cut the chitchat.

Expressives are fast-paced, but like the "big picture." Don't worry them with details--give them approval and use words like "gut" and "intuition."

And last, amiables are slower paced types, who build relationships, listen and share (even their personal life).

Try to "mirror" the person you are dealing with. Know our own style, but identify with theirs.

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