Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you know your neighbors?

Editorial writers used to lament that people were isolated, would not report crimes, did not know even their next-door neighbor.

I knew people in my apt building in DC, but here in the burbs of Phoenix, I only know the guy across the street--and he is moving.

There is also a guy a few doors down who wears short shorts and has the bod for it, but in almost 20 years, we have not buddied up. He drove by the other day and waved. About it. His wife probably doesn't let him date, anyway.

So how to you find a block party type neighborhood if that is what you crave?

If you have kids, focus first on the school district--a lot of your life will center on the kids and their parents.
You will be working with these adults--believe me--even if you don't want to.

People in rich neighborhoods usually work late--this is how they get rich. So there may not be a lot of socializing.

Drive around--do you see people on the street talking?

Maybe pick a place with like-minded people--such as a senior community.

Some of this is up to you--you have to make an effort. Do they still have welcome wagons and cookie bakers?

Not sure.

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