Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Don't hate me, but older people need to stop having fun

You know when you go in a bar and the over-50 set look kind of pathetic and tired?

Drinking is harder on you as you age. Bear this in mind during the hols.

Older people tend to be borderline dehydrated--their bodies soak up liquor.

The liver is also changing--getting bigger but less efficient.  The enzymes that break down alcohol decrease.

Often the glass or two of wine you used to look forward to can give you a headache.

Also older people take a lot of meds--these can interact with the hooch. A big one to look out for is blood thinners--coumadin or warfarin. Many docs say not to drink if you are on that.

Booze also can cause brain changes--and you know how we don't want THOSE when we get older.

And it interrupts sleep and you know how older people need their sleep.

So--quit drinking? You don't have to, but limit it to one drink a day max for women and two for men, preferably not every day.

And never wear a hat like that guy.

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