Monday, November 18, 2013

Ex-military entering workforce can feel like an alien

According to Jacob Green, in a special story in the Arizona Republic (Nov 13, 2103), the military and civilian work worlds are two separate cultures.  One ex-military type said he felt like an alien off Mars--he acted, wrote, spoke, and dressed differently than his civilian coworkers.

Employers may not "get" this.

But you have to stand tall and realize you have a lot to offer.

An infantryman may not need to shoot in a civilian job, but will have engrained skills of maturity, judgment and teamwork.

Take the military jargon out of your resume. Community vet centers can help with this and give you a second opinion.

Former officers may be good networkers, but enlisted men less so. Everyone needs to get out and talk themselves up.

Get to know people before you retire and keep up relationships.

Also--the US government gives priority to vets--check out jobs there first.

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