Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fifty shades of the hot paint color for 2014

The "hot" colors are well...not hot. The Paint Quality Institute comes out with the trendy colors for the coming year--next year, gray.

"A hot new neutral, a sleek and sophisticated color that adds refinement to any room."

Gray will also appear washed on woodwork and in fabrics used for seating and floors.

Also "in" for 2014--black and white. There will be at least 50 shades of white with a hint of color mixed in.

White also makes smaller spaces look bigger--remember, people will be downsizing.

Another comer is mustard yellow--now that is my favorite. We call it monkey vomit green. My bedroom walls are that color.

But the important thing is to stick with colors you love--not just those some "expert" loves.

That pix of the gray bedroom--restful or putting you to sleep? Which?

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