Thursday, November 21, 2013

Health insurance--what now?

The whole system is in play. You may think you are OK--but next year, the companies plan to send "the letter" to millions--as many as 100 million--people in employer plans, mostly in small businesses.

They have know this all along. This isn't a surprise. We are supposed to have plans now that pay for in vitro fertilization, birth control, all sort of things that the few affected could pay for on their own. Or this could be in a family plan--and families could pay for it if they needed it.

If you have been cancelled already, your state may or may not allow the insurance companies in that state to give you back your old plan.

We all know, contrary to the spin, that not all of these plans, or even most of them, were "acme" or bad. That is another lie, wrong promise, or misstatement, however you want to put it.

So, if you're cancelled, you may want to see what the govt has to offer in your state exchange or if your state does not have one, in the federal one.

Problem is, the federal is only 30% built--the part where you pay has not been built. If you can't pay, you can't have it.

So now what? I think you can call in insurance broker--they can't see the plans on the exchanges but may have something--even short-term.

The word mess is inadequate for this. We need a new word. I make up words--and I can't think of one or at least not a clean one.

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Star Lawrence said...

Ooops--maybe brokers can't help.