Thursday, November 7, 2013

Now meet Gen Z

 Just when you thought you knew Generation Y--entitled, casual about hours, techie--comes Generation Z.

Gen Z's were born between 1990 and 1999. Millennials are two groups--Gen Y and Gen Z.

The Z's are already 7% of the workforce.

The impact of Gen Y was muted because many did not find jobs. But now the Boomers will have to bag it and the other two Gens will be featured.

One observer says Gen Z grew up with the uncertainty of war time--On Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan.

They either grew up too fast or not at all.

They are never lacking for data, but may be lacking wisdom and interpretation.

They are good workers but high maintenance. Employers need to focus on putting them in small, intense groups.

Teach work behavior--appropriate conduct, interpersonal dealings--don't try to find people who already have these skills.

Show them a reward, a prize--they are also used to a lot of do-overs.

And let them do work they love.

Isn't that spesh-ul? What do I know. I am probably Gen D.

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