Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sorry, your smartphone is smarter than you are

This is such a sad tale. Government Technology mag, Nov 18, 2013, says some smarties self-congratulating each other and comparing notes in Barcelona decided our phones will soon be smarter than we are.

This includes grownups.

Smartphones will soon predict your next purchase.

They will adjust to help you--say you have a meeting scheduled in your calendar in your phone, if traffic is heavy the phone will wake you earlier than you asked it to. Or if the meeting is with someone under you, the phone will let you sleep and send an apology to that person.

Phones will shoot out birthday greetings or make weekly to-do lists.

They will take pictures of you actually taking your medicine and tell the doctor you were a good little patient.

The apps will have apps.

I wish my phone would clean up after my dog--or at least call someone.

Who am I kidding--I don't have a smartphone. But my toaster is quite brainy.

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