Tuesday, November 12, 2013

View of rusty manufacturing and sleek technology is wrong

How often do we hear the term "Rust Belt" to describe the brawny factory areas across the Middle West? Now Detroit--the brawniest--is bankrupt and the auto industry dispersed around the world.

This is bunk, says the National Association of Manufacturers.

NAM has launched a new D.A.T.A. (Driving the Agenda for Technology Advancement) Policy Center. Manufacturing drives technology is the message--it is not its victim.

Manufacturers, the NAM points out, invest more in R&D and hold more patents than all the other domestic sectors combined and this includes Silicon Valley.

Patent rights bestowed by the Constitution keep manufacturing strong.

So if it seems to be in a doldrums, because of say no manufacturing jobs being created in recent quarters--it's only because our leaders don't emphasize it, promote it, celebrate it, protect it in international marketplaces, and work to recreate it in a manner worth of a new century.

Buy American if you can! Don't let others eat our lunch.

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