Friday, November 1, 2013

Weird reasons to pick a college

Angela Chen, WSJ, Oct 24, 2013, says colleges are pulling out the stops on offbeat inducements.

One student picked Oberlin because the school would let students rent priceless art for their rooms--Picassos, Matisses. Cost--five bucks.

Colleges often have "signature events," marketed to show their character--brainy, light-hearted. I would add left-wing--viz., Brown letting students shout down the NY Police Commissioner.

William and Mary has the professors justify their existence and the superiority of their courses--the winners get to get on a raft and sail to safety--metaphorically, of course.

Lawrence University (no relation) has a trivia contest that attracts people worldwide.

Back in the day, whether a university had fraternities and sororities was selling point for some people. Maybe a Nobel laureate or world-famous writer in residence would be controlling. I went to Southern Illinois Univ--Bucky Fuller was a draw. Maybe a good drama dept would attract people.

Things change.

Personally, worrying about some dude wrecking my on-loan Picasso would keep me up nights--and not in a good way.

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