Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Which comes first degree or job?

This is now a consideration, according to gurus Dale Dauten and JT O'Donnell. A job seeker wrote that he (or she) was an optician and had gone back for a business degree, then applied for dozens of jobs--nada.

Dauten replied that the old model of picking a degree you want and then finding a job that fits has been changed--now you identify the job you want and find out what degree you need. (It even be a short course or a certification.)

Degrees, let's face it, don't open door as in days of yore.

And this reader did not work internships in the new field while getting the degree. So now this job seeker was competing with recent college grads.

Employers then wonder if you want more pay.

Another dead end is to just shoot out resumes online--you need to network.

I also suggest joining a professional society in your new field and attending all the meetings. You have taken a huge step in adding the degree--now you need to make that pay off.

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