Thursday, December 26, 2013

Clueless bosses must learn the intertubes

I am kind of OK with technology and kind of a testy goober--both at the same time. I don't tweet and hate FB, but I also am plunging into new screenwriting software and whining and calling tech support about that.

Melissa Korn, WSJ, Dec 18, 2013, says c-suite types are being paired with smart "kids" or being given classes in the new media and social tools. A two-day program for execs can cost $60,000.

Sixty grand? Someone is using the old noodle, looks like. But it may not be the execs.

Most companies say digital growth is important--but only 10% think they are achieving it fast enough.

Other execs come to the training because their companies have been trashed on Twitter or other sites.

Another top leader hired someone to show her how to shop on her smartphone.

If anyone knows Final Draft--email me?

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