Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Customer rage cresting at the hols

Arizona State's WP Carey School of Business says 56 million households experienced at least one customer problem in the last year.

Companies need to improve customer service. And I don't mean drones tooling through the air and bringing your purchases.

They have been studying customer rage since 1976. It is increasing--despite automation.

Or maybe because of automation. More "Your call is important to us," fewer live agents.The average is four contacts to get a problem solved. Four!

We yell more now at agents. (I am glad they can't record what I say while the robot is babbling. How I hate those robots--"Please help me understand..." Grrr.)

People complain by phone 11 times more than on the web.

Of those who complain, 56% say they got exactly nothing for their trouble.

But--if companies gave an apology or coupon, satisfaction shot up from 37% happy to 74% happy with the complaint sequence.

Sooo...we have a way to go. How often have you thought, "Why can't I just do this?"

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