Friday, December 6, 2013

Millennials have weird (healthy) eating patterns

Is the food scene around your office strange? I remember when I had a real job back when dinos roamed--there were doughnuts. Do they still do that? Don't know.

I got a press release from with some interesting factoids:

Twenty-five percent of consumers say they have a daily calorie target (QSR Magazine).

Economically, health eating makes sense, they say, referring to being a vegetarian because of rising meat prices.

But for young people--who eat out--money is not the issue. Millennials love themselves, Unison says. They score 30% higher on narcissism personal inventories than older counterparts.

Women eating only "good" food were rated as sexier and more feminine than "bad" food eaters.  Male "good" food eaters were also rated as attractive.

I dunno--what do you think? Is a guy nibbling tofu a babe magnet? Are women obsessing over carbs interesting conversationalists?

I am biased--I eat "bad" food sometimes--bad, bad food. You don't even want to know.

OK--but don't tell--the fries of the French.

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