Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most slackers are...men

Don't get mad at me--I learned most slackers in a team situation tend to be male. American men, to be exact. They tend to more individualistic, meaning do whatever they want and not do things they don't want to.

If you work with free riders, how can you motivate them? Adam Grant took this up in the Oct 2013 Government Executive Mag.

It helps to show the slacker how the team effort is helping someone--have a beneficiary talk to the group.

Let the person know everything the others are doing. They may not even know how much they are dogging it.

Keep groups small--so every effort stands out. Give everyone a different responsibility.

Make sure each input is visible and known.

And keep the group close knit--no one likes to let down someone they know and see all the time.


I once saw a reality show in which I guy said he had never in his life done anything he didn't want to.

Really? My mouth fell open.

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