Thursday, December 12, 2013

OMG--leave us alone!

The Wall Street Journal, in a story by Elizabeth Dwokin and Greg Bensinger (Dec 9, 2013) revealed yet another creepy wrinkle in trying to sell us stuff.

Heat maps.

Little devices in some malls will home in on your cellphone and track you as you move around the store. Something called the Future of Privacy (ironic, since privacy has no future) says 1,000 retailers already do this.

They say they just want to rearrange stores--put certain items in high traffic areas.

One retailer swore she learned that people linger longer at displays far from the entrance.

Can't you find that out without locking in on cellphones?

Nordstrom did a test--and posted that they were doing it. People were not charmed.

Other applications include "pinging" cellphones with sales. They can also tell how many times you came to the store and didn't buy--and then they offer better incentives in the form of coupons sent to the phone while you are in the store.

Yeah, call me up and upsell me. Well, upsell THIS!

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