Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Say "no" at the holidays

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, has some advice for people who work in an office. The holidays are a time when you can easily be overloaded with burdens that are not yours to bear.

People want projects done before the end of the year, they want to be covered for, there are parties to plan, work plans to be developed for the next year, gifts to buy coworkers, on and on.

This can lead to workers being "on" 24/7--working at home, checking emails at home.

You need to say no sometimes or you will burn out. This means setting boundaries.  You can say, "I would love to but I have a lot on my plate, too."

Or you could take on a small part of the task requested.

If the boss dumps a list on you, ask him or her to prioritize.

I hate that non-word.

Keep a schedule. And divide tasks into HAVE TO DO, SHOULD DO BUT NOT NOW, and DECIDE AFTER THE HOLIDAYS.

Or--just bail and go to Key West.

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