Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sometimes companies bite back on reviews

What is it with this review stuff? I had a clothing place ask for a review of a blouse. I wrote, "Uh, neck hole, sleeves, good color--what do you want me to say?"

On Good Morning America, they had a story about an online merchant who slammed a Utah couple with a $3,500 fine for writing a negative review.

The couple fired back asking for $75,000 in damages for being annoyed.

The wife had ordered a $20 item and it didn't arrive. She wrote a negative review on

This was five years ago. Then the hubs got an email from the company asking for $3,500, claiming the couple had agreed to a "non-disparagement clause" in the Terms of Service.

They asked RipoffReport to take the review down--but the company involved the bad company in the arbitration.

The "debt" ended up on the couple's credit report, costing them financing of a new furnace in cold Utah.

The bad company is also is asking for another $50 for a dispute fee or some nonsense.

What's more, the non-disparagement clause was not even in the Terms five years ago.

A nonprofit is helping straighten this out.

Should I name the bad company? Probably--but they sound a little nutty to me.

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