Monday, December 23, 2013

Terminated because of weight?

Pavneet Uppal, of the firm Fisher & Phillips, fielded a question from a woman in Arizona (AZ Republic, Dec 8, 2013).

She said she was fired from the front desk--on the grounds of taking too many breaks and not completing her work. She said that was untrue and she suspected the real reason was her size.

Apparently coworkers made comments about her weight and said she was the only woman on the desk who was "not a cover girl." One manager sent emails about gym memberships and another told her to wear makeup since she was the first person someone saw when they came to the office.

Uppal said such discrimination was unfortunate but common. Studies show, he said, that attractive employees make more money.

If say, a protected class, such as older employees, were held to higher standards of appearance, that would be illegal.

If the weight was from a disability--there might also be cause of action.

Otherwise, it's a stupid, cruel world, apparently.

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