Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As the world of unemployment turns

I heard the "White House" is going to tell companies not to turn their backs on the long-term unemployed as they have been doing.

Companies don't have to do anything that isn't a law. So good luck with that one.

Do you ever get the idea that HS kids are running this joint? "Oh, let's just tell people who to hire..."

Anyhow, Anne L. Caldwell, of Outsourcing Solutions, suggests having business cards made that list the basics of the job you are seeking and your contact info. I suggest Vistaprint.com--Ten bucks.

People sort of hold onto cards--they get collected--not tossed.

This is another variation on networking.

Maybe you are sick of telling people you are looking or in the market. But keep doing it.

Does it make you sound needy? Maybe a little. But what the hey.

This reminded me of a funny story about a friend of mine. He went to lunch with a prospective employer, hated the guy, did not want any job he might offer. At the end of the lunch, the employer said in a bored voice, "Well, give me your resume..." My friend handed it over. Then he hesitated. The employer said, "What?" My friend said, "That'll be three bucks--it costs money to get those printed." The other guy flung it back at him, saying, "I am not paying for this."

My friend pocketed it, smiled, and left.

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