Thursday, January 9, 2014

Early Decision--the ins and outs of applying for college

I am reading a book called Early Decision--Based on a True Frenzy by Lacy Crawford. By reading, I mean, listening to.

Anyhow, Lacy used to be a consultant to rich kids, helping them do their college apps.

This book really lays out the incredible machinations some families go to in order to get into certain schools. The lists, the essays, the tears.

But what people need to remember--in my opinion--is that you can get a good education almost no matter where you go. You need to want it, find out the best teachers and how to get in their classes or sections, and work the system.

A sense of purpose.

The Glenn Harlan Reynolds wrote about this in the Jan 4-5, 2014, WSJ.

College costs are going up and up--yet they might be reaching the point of no return--people can't afford it, period, profs are being laid off.

71% of grads carry a load of debt. Yet 41% of grads are in a job that doesn't even require a degree.

Colleges need to cut costs--even to zero as the new online freebies show. Some schools also deliver the basics in online courses, then for advanced, the students go to classes.

There is even a new approach called "hoteling." Buy a campus of a school that went under, get some tutors, and then bring the classes in online.

But what about the keggers?

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