Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eeek--the Electronics Show is coming to get us

Joseph Marks, Government Technology, Jan 6, 2014, was overwhelmed by the first day of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Everything will be connected--except maybe things you want connected.

The blood pressure dohickey on your watch would synch with the calendar on your smartphone, showing you which parts of the day were most stressful.  You could also use your phone to turn on the heat 15 mins before you get home.

Some cars are partly automatic--parking themselves, for example.

Netflix may soon offer different movies depending on how stressed you are or if you have people over.

Of course, your brilliantly digital house will open the door for firemen and tell the first responders if there are pets in the house.

Yeah--but why can't I send my sister a movie I liked from my system to hers? I have to tell her, she has to remember, she has to get it, stream it somehow, I don't get streaming, then... Good grief! This is work.


I heard this AM that your car GPS is tracking you. I don't have a car, so neener, neener.

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