Thursday, January 2, 2014

Effective complaining

I never let anything go. But I am a grumpus when I have a complaint. There is a right and wrong way to do this, I heard.

Elizabeth Holmes, WSJ, Dec 19, 2013, says yes, it's OK to speak up. But time your complaint. Weekdays are best.

Gather your facts--receipt, timeline.

Be calm--make the person want to help you--to like you, to feel for your pain.

Tell the employee specifically what you want.

Don't start blatting away demanding a manager. See if the person who answers can help.

And be patient. If they say they will check and call back, there is always a chance they mean it. Provide a number.

My newspapers suddenly went nuts this week--the WSJ did not appear for three days, a newly restarted Arizona Republic came on days when it was not supposed to--eek. I called both over and over. (The same carrier throws both.)

The Arizona Republic insisted they could not deal with the WSJ problem (same person delivering). There was nowhere on the computer screen to type this. I finally said could you send a note?

Why, yes--sure, they could send a note, so maybe things will resolve. Who knows?

I was a little grumpy, though--so maybe they tossed the note.

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