Monday, January 27, 2014

Job hunter, know thyself

You don't have to settle for any job you can snag--CareerBuilder says it doesn't hurt to know yourself and try to find a job you actually want.

Here are some questions they recommend asking yourself.

Why are you starting a job search? If you are just out of school or unemployed from another job, the answer may be obvious. But what if you have a job and still want another one?  Maybe you don't want a new job--just new responsibilities.

What unique value do you bring? Find something unique--maybe it's a language. Or broad travel experience. Or boundless energy.

What kind of corporate culture do you like. Some people want IBM blue suits--others beer on Fridays.

On which aspects can you be flexible? Nice to haves versus need to haves. Industry? Hours? Salary? Where can you compromise if you have to?

Is this a stepping stone to what I ultimately want? When you are first starting, just engraining the soft skills of showing up, dressing appropriately, and forming relationships may be of value--no matter what the job or industry.

Don't worry--nothing is forever.

Speaking of soft skills--never wear an orange t-shirt.

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