Friday, January 10, 2014

Let's have fun

Remember fun? I am serious. But serious is not the opposite of fun--you can be serious about fun.

I used to be pretty quirky and fun--now 18 mos out from my mother's death, I am feeling the urge to have fun creeping back in.

Yes, the world is a horrendous mess, our leaders are stone liars, we have no press anymore, no one has a job, but we can still have fun.

We can bring it with us--it's an attitude.

My daughter and I recently combed the internet for some crazy rugs to brighten things up without breaking the bank.

We got addicted to rug hunting on the internet--we sit in a trance, beautiful rugs slip by...we both love it! Maybe too much--we may need Rugs Anonymous.

Try to have a moment's wacky fun each day--even at the office, if you have one.

I think writing a comedy script about animal cops has jumpstarted the fun part of me.

What would do it for you? It doesn't take money.

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