Thursday, January 23, 2014

Resume trends

OMG--when are those mouthbreathers in DC going to quit taxing, pumping out regulations, and trying to boss everyone around so we can get some job growth? For FIVE YEARS NOW, I have written about "resume trends."

As we crawl through the ruins of the economy, more and more employers are using computers not expensive people to scan resumes. So, this means it's a good idea to spit back the same keywords used in the job listing. If it says, "team player wanted," say, "I worked on a team that did this or that." Do NOT say, "I am good at banding with others to accomplish tasks."

Do not list your daily responsibilities as experience--this according to CareerBuilder. Hit your awards, impressive feats (money saved or made), and other accomplishments (first to do this or that, for example).

Create multiple resumes for different roles.

Lose the Objective Statement--Of COURSE, you want a fun job with no heavy lifting.

Who doesn't?

The good thing about revamping the old res, though, is it gets you inspired to send it around again.

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