Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should people trust you?

Are you worthy of trust? I wish many of our politicians would answer this. But I digress.

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, says sure people may not trust Congress, but they also may not trust YOU.

A Gallup survey shows that only 30% of 100 million full-time employees are fully engaged--and this may be because they don't trust the organization.

Don't trust it to be loyal to them.

Don't trust it to do good while doing well.

What diminishes trust--in a company and in a person? First, says Nan Russell, author of Trust Inc, piling on the hype destroys trust. Don't over promise and under deliver.

Loudly countermanding people--you don't trust them, clearly. This breeds distrust of you.

Spending too much time blaming or covering your rear is bad. So is being a glory hog.

Making personal attacks on others also destroys trust.

And you know another one I have discovered by being on the internet--peppering your comments with the f-bomb and other gutter words--this makes me trust you less and it's disgusting. If you want to be snarky or disdainful, find a more imaginative way to do it.

Back in the day, we did not trust anyone over 30. Still not bad advice--or under 30.

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