Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Site that gets people on your side

I honestly did not know which of my daily sites to put this on--health or coping with the economy. It could work for both.

When I wrote about how PepsiCo's "wellness" program was a little underwhelming on, the VP of said his approach was working with health goals.

The "spire" part, he told me, came from aspiring to do something, conspiring with others to make it happen, and then inspiring others--which starts the cycle again.

I liked the wordplay.

This "community" was founded by soccer players in Chattanooga--and is designed to give you "team" backing in everything you do.

You post on the steps you take toward your goal and the others have 300 "points" a day they can kick over to you or others in response. These can be exchanged for discounts.

Companies can also make up their own teams--say for health goals.

They asked me to join up--I said I was too grouchy. But it might be fun. I am thinking about it.


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