Monday, January 6, 2014

Some people just can't slow down

Addicted to speed and action. Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, says some people are afraid to stop their frenzied pace.

Smartphone in hand, emails at the ready, feeling rushed, out of control, never time to really think.

I flipped this AM--eek, AOL was displaying no email for me. Try later. LATER? Were they joking? When is later?

What if you want to slow it down a bit this year? You could ask for help.

Is a high level of just do it and impulsive action the feeling you want?

Trust the quiet--seek it out.

I raced to AOL tech support, some gal (presumably) named Chrissy helped me out by compacting my storage or something--then my favorite places disappeared.

Now I have those back. Whew. I need a nap.

But, naturally, will not take one. Are we all nuts?  

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