Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stunt resumes--worthless or worth a try?

Lauren Weber, WSJ, Jan 24, 2014, says some job hunters who have not yet given up are turning to stunts to get their resume read.

One man kept applying to a place that arranges short-term accommodations with a resume inside a pillow inside a box. This earned him the nickname Pillow Guy, but did not get him a job. To make it worse, the resume was faded and had to be ironed to even be read. You are going to find that not that many HR offices have irons.

Companies receive an average of almost 400 resumes for every position.

Sometimes these ploys do work--but usually they are only good for a laugh.

At the site Etsy, for instance, applicants send in potholder resumes, garlanded resumes, or apps in a bottle. But what about their software experience, years on the job, skills?

Another guy got interviewed and sent a thank you note with pizza for the whole office. They bit. Three months later he was fired--he slept at the desk.

Another guy created a billboard that said he had spent his last $500 on it. He tweeted it.

Bam! Someone hired him. In fact, offers poured in.

So--go know.

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