Friday, January 31, 2014

Turn this switch to get darkness

Alexander Aciman had a sort of horrible, but funny, essay in the WSJ about those awful lightbulbs we are now forced to buy, and try to read with, and look good under.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007--much like a bunch of stealth stuff that is being cranked out now under Executive Order without Congress even giving it a onceover--phased out "real" bulbs for those tortured curly things.

Aciman says these induce a sort of drowsy numbness. They make his living room look like an interrogation cell.

And they cost $20--and last unbearably long.

The light is at once harsh but very dim, he notes.

He wants a light that "will incandesce across my room, filling it with a familiar yellow surf."

He also foresees a hideous new world--rushed Oval Office negotiations as diplos and politicians rub their temples and hurry away. Romance without mood lighting! Brows forever furrowed.

The horror.

And I hope this dude never breaks one--it says right on the package--call the Rescue Squad (or maybe it was EPA--I could not read it clearly).

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