Thursday, February 13, 2014

Actual HR tips for acing interviews

We just can't get or give enough advice, can we? And I include myself. I am a big know-it-all, too.

CareerBuilder has some interview advice from an HR person.

First, wear deodorant, but not cologne or perfume. Wear a suit--and be sure it's cleaned and pressed. This is men and women. Wear decent shoes.

Don't be too early. Certainly don't be there 15 mins early...awkward.

Know the name of the person you are meeting with. Ask ahead of time. Then ask for that person when you get to the reception desk.

This is a good one--Remember you are being interviewed the SECOND you walk in the door. If you mutter to the receptionist as if he or she is the "help," or act all weird waiting (putting on make up, pacing), this will be noted.

Make proper eye contact. I remember not hiring people who would not look at me, did not ask their own questions (and not when is the first salary review, either), and really didn't seem to want the job--they wanted me to sell them into taking it.

Well, sometimes that won't happen. A lot of times, actually.

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