Friday, February 21, 2014

Can you have it all--what is all?

Work hard, rise in the ranks, beautiful house, well adjusted kids, a smoochy-romantic love life, hobbies, maybe a book under your belt--sure, you can have all this. If you clone yourself.

Oh, cynic, cure thyself!

According to Accenture Research, 70% of execs worldwide said they could have a successful career and a great home life.

All they do is set their priorities.  Both work and home contain many tasks--farm a lot of them out. This takes money--oh, that's right--great job, great bucks.

Remove all  unnecessary busywork. People prefer to be busy--but there are limits.

Don't be on-call after work hours, limit the electronics, return calls and emails the next day.

Unless your kid is texting you--that one you need to answer. The tot might want dinner.

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