Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Entrepreneurialism within a corporate job

Do you treat your employer's company as if it were your own? Are you constantly trying to come up with new product, technqiues, financing, or procedural ideas?

Many employees feel that if they do this, management will pooh-pooh their brainstorms.

Almost 70% of employees think the country is losing it's innovative edge.

Accenture did a study of 800 corporate employees--more than half said they had pursued an entrepreneurial idea at work--but only 20% thought employers offered support.

Also, empployees may have ideas, but be too busy in today's economy to pursue them.

They also say employers don't offer incentives. Does your company keep all patents developed by employees?

The key, said one industry leader, is to not only be willing to take risks but know what the risk-reward pay off is. How much money and risk "in" for how much payback "out."

And what happens if "your" idea, which took some money and resources to develop, flops? Do you flop with it?

I see a trend these days toward failing fast. If companies try something, they decide up or down on it fast before too much is risked.

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