Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get more done with bad time management

Brooke Allen, Government Executive, Feb 3, 2014, says don't do hard, boring, useless things.

So many scientists, even, according to Allen, are doing esoteric things no one cares about. Wise up.

One guy cited had ADHD and started but did not finish anything. Other people, he saw, could finish but not start--so he gave them his projects to finish.

Do a lot for others and they will help you out--corollary to above.

Don't lie--it's a time sink.

If someone says they don't have time, they know and may even tell you they have the same amount of time as you do but choose not to spend it the way you want them to.

Make a to-do list, get things onto paper and out of your mind, then don't do them. Lose the list.

Allen says nearly everything worthwhile he has done he did to get out of doing something else.

Words to live by.

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