Friday, February 28, 2014

How to get people to invest in you

Do you like that show--something about a shark--where people pitch businesses to rich guys? I have seen parts of it.

Anyhow, Carlene Reyes, Arizona Republic, Feb 26, 2014, says pitching to prospective investors is an art.

First, if it's a venture cap firm, having a referral from someone known to them is good. Or you can use a site like

Do your homework on investor firms. They specialize in different industries, for one thing.

Know if the investor is able to accommodate you are the stage of your business you are in. Startup funds are one thing, expansion funds another.

Bring hard analysis to the meeting--this isn't chitchat.

But don't overdo the above. Don't read slides to the investors.

Also know your competition and how you differ--and hopefully, are better.

And be sure you know your business--don't expect the investor to suggest better ways to do it.

I am adding this--when the meeting is over, ask what comes next, when will you hear from them.

Either way.

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