Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's get some apprentice programs going

Peter Downs wrote about this in the WSJ, Jan 17, 2014.

Companies these days want someone else to train their employees. The president never tires of ranting about how everyone should go to college--what if you want to stamp widgets and go home at 5:00 and have a life? Is there a widget stamping degree?

If jobseekers don't have the precise training, companies think they should pay to get it.

Yet, companies are slashing training budgets and putting in software that weeds out every candidate who doesn't have every iota of relevant experience.

Other countries don't do this--the find shape-able, trainable workers and shape and train them.

In Switzerland, 70% of people from 15-19 are apprenticing--baking, health care, banking, retail, clerical.

In Germany 65% are in such programs.

The UK has instituted a similar approach and it's growing like mad.

Here, though, apprenticeships are falling.

There are some bright spots. There is a program called LaunchCode--they take people with basic programming skills and pair them with an experienced programmer for 2 yrs at $15 an hour.

Also check out a St. Louis program for apprentice carpenters.

Let's get business involved with education--by providing it.

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